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General Paediatrics

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Cardiology Paediatrics

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Dermatology Paediatrics

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Monday- Friday

8:30am - 5:00pm


9:00am - 2:00pm


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Over 10 years of experience from working in India.
Certificate of completion of training in Paediatric Neurology from the india
consultant paediatric child care clinic.

Pediatrician Website Template

Dr. Martha Carlson

Paediatric Neurologist


About Dr. Martha

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Why Choose Childcare?

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Well Baby Clinic

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24X7 on Call Services

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Adolescent Consulting

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What Patients Say About Us

“I brought my 3-year-old daughter in for a well-child visit. She loved the office and Dr. John sinha! Thanks so much for making her visit a great one!”

- Nettie Drummond

“Dr John sinha, He is very personable, cares about his patients I have been so happy with the care we receive It is a wonderful environment”

- Edward Hendrix

Child Care Latest News

07 OCT

Pediatrician Website Template

3 Reasons Moms Love Kids First Pediatric Clinic

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15 OCT

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Vaccination Reminder For Your Baby

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22 OCT

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Here are a Few Things That Set Des Moines Pediatric

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